Bridal Boudoir | Ultimate Gift For Your Future Hubby

Are you ready to surprise your future Mr. with the sweetest and sexiest gift? Christina Elmore, from Barely Blushing Boudoir, shares these stunning photos of a gorgeous bride-to-be wearing our curated lingerie pieces. She also answers some of our questions and gives some fabulous tips. Ladies, prepare yourself to learn more on how to get those jaw-dropping photos that you and your groom-to-be have been dreaming of.

Koki Intimi. Violet Crème bodysuit perfect for a bridal boudoir session.

What exactly is boudoir photography?

I always love this question! It's only the best thing, EVER... but I may be a little biased! Boudoir is an incredibly empowering style of photography that celebrates women and their beauty. It often takes place in a bedroom, hotel, or other intimate setting, where a woman is able to wear (or not wear) gorgeous pieces of lingerie, all while having sexy and beautiful photos taken of her. It captures a moment in time where a woman feels confident in her own skin - whether the images are soft, romantic, sultry, and dare I even say it - extremely sexy!

Koki Intimi. Violet Crème bodysuit perfect for a bridal boudoir session.
Koki Intimi. Violet Crème bodysuit perfect for a bridal boudoir session.

Why should I book a boudoir shoot?

There are so many reasons to book a boudoir shoot. As the owner of Barely Blushing Boudoir,  I truly believe that every woman should have their own boudoir session at least once in their lifetime. I am a huge advocate of these sessions because I see first-hand how they impact the lives of my clients. 

I love seeing my clients feel confident by the end of their sessions. But it doesn't stop there - upon revealing the images to each client, I always hear "Oh my gosh... Is that really me?!" And of course, I exclaim 'Yes! And you are absolutely gorgeous!"  For me, it is an incredible experience knowing that I have helped my clients embrace themselves by capturing both their inner and outer beauty in photography. Boudoir sessions are a chance for women to celebrate themselves!

They also make great gifts for significant others! There is nothing like seeing the love of your life open your album and watching their jaw-drop as they see your sexy photos! Boudoir photos are perfect for wedding, anniversaries, holidays, or just because!

Koki Intimi. Seduce Me Gown slip, perfect for a bridal boudoir session.

I don't know how to be sexy on camera. How can I overcome that?

First and foremost, be yourself. I tell this to all of my clients because I want their images to portray who they are -  because that is what is sexy. They would also tell you that I yell random words during our sessions, like BANANA! to make them laugh, because let's be honest - there's nothing sexier than a genuine laugh or smile of a woman! Definitely keep this in mind during your session! 
If you are truly looking to spice things up, make sure to bring outfits that make you feel the sexiest! There are five things that are tried and true to make any woman feel sexy - heels, leather, thigh highs, a corset (also great for making those hourglass curves!), and some kind of prop like feathers or a mask! 

Also, practice posing in front of the mirror. Turn on your favorite music that makes you feel sexy and practice those looks and faces in the mirror! Your photographer will also be skilled at instructing you how to move into the sexiest poses for the camera. Don't hesitate to ask them for their help, or to turn on your favorite music for the session so you can feel confident while remembering those moves you practiced so well before the session!

Koki Intimi. Seduce Me Gown slip, perfect for a bridal boudoir session.
Koki Intimi. Seduce Me Gown slip, perfect for a bridal boudoir session.

When should I schedule a session? 

This is such a great question. Boudoir sessions should be scheduled at a minimum four to six (4-6) weeks prior to when you wish to have the final photos. Unless you hire a boudoir photographer that does same day viewing, your photos will typically be available for viewing four (4) weeks after your session. If you wish to purchase an album or prints, an additional two (2) weeks are required on average for production and delivery. The earlier you book your session, the better. I have had to turn away numerous clients for the mere fact that they did not contact me until a week before they needed the photos. I am often booked up completely for six months at a time and this is common for photographers in large cities. Scheduling early is particularly important during holidays (Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc) and other high-demand seasons, such as wedding season. 

Many brides also inquire about having a session on the morning of their wedding day. Boudoir sessions are amazing and I want my clients to have the best experience possible. Because of this, I never encourage my brides to schedule a session on the morning of their wedding. There are often many things taking place on the big day. To achieve the best photos possible, the bride must be 100% focused in the moment during our session. This is the same for wedding photography. By trying to schedule both on the same day, it can become overwhelming very fast. It is best that bridal boudoir sessions are scheduled at least a few months before the wedding. This also gives time for brides to have a unique and intimate gift for their significant other on the big day!

Koki Intimi. Pour Le Boudoir Robe, perfect for a bridal boudoir session or getting ready photos on your wedding day.

What should I bring?

Beyond the outfits, I always recommend bringing a sentimental item to the session. Most often, this is an engagement/wedding ring. Recently, I had a client bring a gorgeous diamond necklace to her session that belonged to her grandmother who had recently passed. We chose to put her in a black lace dress to highlight the necklace and I have to admit - the images that resulted were stunning. My client absolutely loved the photos and they meant so much more to her because of the sentimental value of the necklace she was wearing in the them.

You should also bring fun items to your session! I love when clients bring feather boas and masks! Another client of mine brought her favorite books to our session, as she and her husband shared the love of reading. She took the opportunity of our session to use her 1st Edition copy of 'Jane Eyre' to create a steamy 'implied nude' shot for her husband while she laid on the bed. It was amazing! The options for props are truly endless and can be very personal to every woman! 

Koki Intimi. Monarch Butterfly Romper, perfect for a bridal boudoir session.

Any tips on how to prep for the appointment?

During the week of your session, make sure to get a salon manicure and pedicure for a flawless finish. Nude or natural colors (french manicure) always look best! They will be in the pictures too, so make sure they look amazing. If you plan on waxing, make sure to do so a few days prior to your photoshoot to avoid any bumpiness or redness. Also, make sure to stay out of the sun - a base tan looks great in photos, but red, blotchy skin does not. Above all, do not spray tan.

Obtain plenty of rest and drink a lot of water. It hydrates your skin and creates a luminous glow. I also recommend lowering your salt intake and avoiding alcohol to keep from retaining water. The night before your session, try on your outfits to make sure they fit properly and remove any tags/labels. When you pack your items, have them steamed and properly hung in a garment bag to keep them from wrinkling. Double-check everything is properly packed and ready for the shoot: heels, jewelry, accessories, props. When you don’t feel rushed, you don’t feel stressed. So, have everything ready to go well in advance. 

The morning of your session, use clear deodorant and wear loose-fitting clothing to avoid any red marks on your skin. If you are having your hair and makeup done professionally, arrive with a clean and moisturized face and clean hair. This is very important for your stylist! Most importantly, take a deep breath and relax! It's normal to be nervous before your session. Harness this energy and get excited to have an amazing time celebrating you! It will be an incredible experience!

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Christina Elmore is the owner of Barely Blushing Boudoir, a boudoir photography company based in middle Georgia. Moved by a desire to capture women's inner spirit and outer beauty, she has built her business by helping women celebrate who they are. Barely Blushing is about being true to one's self; feeling strong, confident, and loved for who you are. Fore more information visit